Mommying, but do it in style

Simplify but elevate your style with neutral, minimalistic accessories for you and your baby. Mommy-baby cuteness combo?

Now that’s a powerhouse.

Hey there, gorgeous.

I am Katherine, your fellow neutrals-obsessed mama.


When I had my son in 2022, I wanted to take pictures of him and my daughter together. I remember spending a lot of time online looking for matching neutral clothing, to no avail.

One day, I looked over an unopened box of sewing machine, collecting dust in a corner of my studio.

I rolled up my sleeves and got to work. I got to know my machine inside and out, and began making clothes for my kids. It unlocked a passion that I would soon come to love and share with the world.

By August 2022, I launched my first collection of neutral clothing.


I began adding little bits of cuteness into the inventory such as bows, nursery art prints, and stuffed bunnies.

Then I added scrunchies for mom.

This was about the start of an eventual pivot that I would make in the business a year later.

My focus, while still a lot of it is in your baby, became you.

I wanted a place for moms like you to be able to go and find something for you that are beautiful and neutral enough to fit any style. I wanted to remind you that I see you, and that you aren't forgotten, and neither are your dreams. So often we forget about ourselves once we have acquired the title "mom". I inspire you to continue on with your own aspirations while loving your babies. There is no room for guilt!


Here I make every day products that are simple yet help you look and feel good, while still being functional. I make items for your baby using materials that are safe and good for them, as well as the environment.

So, while you're in our store shopping for your baby, treat yourself to an accessory or two because you, mama, well deserve it.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope that we can connect more.

Love always,